Semi-anechoic chamber calibration

Semi-anechoic chamber calibration

   Semi-anechoic chamber calibration: Background noise measurement is relatively simple, usually in the anechoic chamber or half of the room to choose 3 ~5 test points, in order to measure the measured points at the sound pressure level and 1/1 time times the frequency band sound pressure level, take the corresponding arithmetic mean for the room's background noise level.

The process of measuring the frequency range and space range of the free sound field is to move the microphone to the next measuring point in the direction of the selected path to the sound absorbing wall. The distance between the measured points is not greater than 0.1 m, and the distance between the final measuring point and the sound absorbing wall should be not less than 0.75 m, and the measuring points on each measurement path shall be less than 10. The sound pressure level at all measuring points in each selected path is measured in sequence.

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