Type of road deceleration belt

Type of road deceleration belt

Road deceleration belt type as shown in the following article, small set led everyone to study together, kiss, do not miss this opportunity to raise knowledge!

1, Deceleration dome
A circular raised area in the middle of a street or extending to the width of a street.6OnecmHigh, apart--150 mis set to1A commonly used speed control measure. A deceleration table is an elongated form of a retarder whose surface is a platform that can usually accommodate1Standard car.
 2, Road projection
The raised crosswalk is similar to the deceleration table, and it has a crosswalk marking on its surface, the barrier-free design at both ends and the application with the crosswalk sign.
 3, circular
   The spike and the circular deceleration belt together, the circular deceleration with the top of the pin size of the groove, the spike fixed in the circular deceleration with the top of the groove. Increase its nighttime reflective brightness.


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