Rubber powder

Rubber powder

Rubber powder is usually processed from waste tires. Commonly used processing methods are: room temperature crushing method, freezing method, room temperature chemical method. Rubber powder is widely used in sports plastic playground, playground, rubber floor tile, waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, highway modified asphalt, rubber products and other fields.

such as: The general recycled rubber factory are directly to buy a large number of rubber powder, the national annual production of recycled gum in more than 1 million tons, each province has a size of varying sizesRecycled rubber Factory, rubber powder is the main raw material of recycled gum.

Waterproof building materials Industry: Today waterproof materials such as rubber asphalt coil, waterproof ointment and so on.

Expressway: In the past, pure asphalt, the national high-grade road must be mixed with rubber powder, both reduce costs, and improve the use of longevityLife。

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