Rubber powder Use

Rubber powder Use

Rubber powder use, the following by the Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to lead us to study under the bar, parents, do not miss this opportunity to increase knowledge ha!

1, the stadium runway, the airplane runway, the golf course, all uses the scrap rubber powder to be made.

2,Powdered powder: will waste rubber powder processing into 60 mesh-80 mesh, directly to do activated rubber powder, but also directly to do rubber products, so that recycled gum technology aUnder the reduction of a lot of processes, and the activation of rubber powder demand, a broad prospect.

3, color composite rubber floor tile: anti-static floor tile, the use of granular waste rubber powder, using a unique process made of color composite floor tileand anti-static flooring, suitable for swimming factory hall, kitchen, bathroom and computer control center room, waterproof or anti-static occasions use, good prospects, profit canView。

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