Rubber Tree Board Features

Rubber Tree Board Features

    Rubber Tree BoardProduct Advantages: non-toxic harmless products. Reference to the European children's toys standard production, products without any radioactive and volatile chemical pollution, structural stability, and through the EU standard SGS and Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Center.
With permeable permeability. The use of rubber particles with adhesive bonding, particle spacing is larger, its permeability, permeability is very smooth, compared to other similar products, the product is more conducive to the growth of trees.

Corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance. Because of the stability of the molecular structure, in 50 degrees Celsius and chilly state will not decompose volatilization, but also a kind of water not absorbent materials, with corrosion resistance, anti-aging ability. Various tests and test data indicate that the product has a lifetime of more than ten years.

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